When I was studying for my exams I had a tough time finding decent study material. I had to sort through a bunch of different references that are recommended by College Board and DANTES/DSST.  The few study guides that were available online were not very good which prompted me to write my own.

I know my study guide will help you to gain a better understanding of the material you need to know in one convenient e-book.


Degree Fast Track - coverThis is my exam walk through with a step-by-step guided approach to show you exactly how I was able to earn my bachelor’s degree in 4 ½ months from the day I started studying and passing my exams. This is my personal journey with in-depth details about the ups and downs of being an adult learner while working full-time, and the examples of how   overcame the challenges along the way to reaching graduation day.

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If it’s been a long time since you’ve been in school and you don’t feel ready to take any EXAMS, then here is the one item I highly recommend that may help you:



Do you have so much fear and worry about taking exams that you cannot even function enough to pass It? The Test Taking Cure was developed to help you feel calm and comfortable toward during your exam.  I used this guide for the excellent tips on reducing stress, and relaxation techniques.

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